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5 Steps To Personal Well-Being

Written by on November 12, 2019

C.L.E.A.N – 5 Steps To Personal Well-Being

• Connect

• Learn

• Exercise

• Acts Of Kindness

• Notice

CONNECT! Maintain contacts and make time to be with family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, people in your community generally.

LEARN! Set yourself a challenge and try something new. Take a daytime or evening course, pick up an old hobby or develop a new one. Learn an instrument, language or some different skill. Be creative.

EXERCISE! Be active and get some physical exercise whether indoors or out. Run, walk, cycle, play, swim, workout. Find something that suits you.

ACTS OF KINDNESS! Do something nice for a friend, a stranger or just yourself. Say thank you and smile at others. Do some voluntary work or join a community group.

NOTICE! Be curious, become aware and take notice of the environment around you. Find something beautiful and savour the moment.

See the CLEAN worksheet.

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