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Broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Raising awareness of mental health, giving advice, support and self- help tools and making it OK not to be OK



Welcome to Lee West who takes over as station manager with Neil Kipling for AM Radio North East, Lee has had 20 years broadcasting experience working for British Forces Broadcasting Service providing radio for Her Majesty’s Armed Forces.

Hi i’m Fiona and i’m the Anxious Minds Recovery Centre Manager. We’re based in The Forum Shopping Centre in Wallsend. We are set up really to support anybody who’s experiencing anxiety, depression, isolation and loneliness. Anyone can self-refer in and when you join us we register you, you become a member and you’ll find that […]

I suffer from anxiety and depression and a couple of years ago I wasn’t very well and I would have had to wait a very long time for the talking therapies from the National Health which is not their fault because it’s down to funding. So I went online and I found Anxious Minds and […]

Cheryl Watson is the Veteran Families Support Worker here at Anxious Minds. She is in charge of helping veterans and their family members with not just mental health issues but also financial advice and any other help that is needed. Cheryl and her husband both served in the armed forces so she knows how hard […]

Randal talks about one of the most common mental health challenges for veterans ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’

Randal talks about the warning signs of mental illness in young people and how to get help.

Randal talks about his mental health experiences by being in lockdown and then readjusting coming out of lockdown.

Today I thought I would make a little video all about unhelpful thinking styles because it is important that we recognise these so that we are able to reframe these thoughts and distance and challenge ourselves from these unhelpful thinking styles.

I wanted to talk a little bit about how to deal with negative emotions and negative thoughts and things like that because these have a huge impact on our mental health.

Meditation is a very important tool to use in our lives to keep us centred and balanced. Meditation is a practice and the best part is you cannot do it wrong.