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AM Radio  -  The Mental Health Station

Broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Raising awareness of mental health, giving advice, support and self- help tools and making it OK not to be OK



Welcome to Lee West who takes over as station manager with Neil Kipling for AM Radio North East, Lee has had 20 years broadcasting experience working for British Forces Broadcasting Service providing radio for Her Majesty’s Armed Forces.

Meditation is a very important tool to use in our lives to keep us centred and balanced. Meditation is a practice and the best part is you cannot do it wrong.

It’s a new year – you’d like a new start but we have been through that difficult seasonal period where you may have felt alone, abandoned, didn’t have family or friends, maybe self-medicating more. You’ve had some setbacks and we’ve all been there but what we’re going to look at today is how to recognise […]

The podcast is called Anxious Tea Time were we discuss all the wonderful aspects of mental health and illness as we say on our podcast and it’s more of an accessible way to discuss more very complex topics in the way that might be more relatable to people.

“It’s about helping that person through that day and hopefully they feel like facing the next one!”

My name is Gemma and I’m one of the senior counsellors based at the Meadow-Well Centre for Anxious Minds.

Anxious Minds is a North East based volunteer led Mental Health Charity

We are proud to announce that Anxious Minds has opened up a drop in centre based inside the Forum Shopping Centre in Wallsend. It was officially opened by the Mayor of North Tyneside and anyone can drop in for a chat and a cuppa. We offer support groups and we have trained counsellors who you […]

Why don’t you get involved in our radio station thats dedicated to supporting people with mental health issues. If you produce a podcast and would like it played on our station or have a story to tell about overcoming your mental health problems – Record them and email them to us or get in touch […]

Once you start feeling depressed, it can be tough to prevent yourself from becoming more depressed. Being able to recognise your own trigger to why you are depressed can help you understand, and fight the negative feelings that are affecting you. Behaviour Depression can easily change the way you behave. It could make you withdraw […]