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My name is Margaret and I’m head of Children’s Counselling Support Service. I’m also clinical supervisor with Anxious Minds.

The podcast is called Anxious Tea Time were we discuss all the wonderful aspects of mental health and illness as we say on our podcast and it’s more of an accessible way to discuss more very complex topics in the way that might be more relatable to people.

“It’s about helping that person through that day and hopefully they feel like facing the next one!”

My name is Gemma and I’m one of the senior counsellors based at the Meadow-Well Centre for Anxious Minds.

Anxious Minds is a North East based volunteer led Mental Health Charity

Accepting Anxiety We all hate anxiety, it feels horrible so it’s understandable that we will seek ways to try and avoid it or to try to feel safer in those anxious situations. You have to face the situation and recognise that anxiety is normal. We all feel it and we’ll continue to do so at […]

C.L.E.A.N – 5 Steps To Personal Well-Being • Connect • Learn • Exercise • Acts Of Kindness • Notice CONNECT! Maintain contacts and make time to be with family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, people in your community generally. LEARN! Set yourself a challenge and try something new. Take a daytime or evening course, pick up an […]

This is a tool for when you’re in a situation feeling anxious or nervous. You can take a step back, see what’s going on and see how best to proceed. To begin .. ► STOP physically .. Take a step back and assess the situation within your mind. ► Take a breath, breathe slowly once […]

Today we’ll be looking at a system designed to help with any cravings and/or any unhealthy addictions. Its the 3 D’s .. ► Delay ► Distract ► Decide First of all DELAY the decision to give into the cravings for a set time. Start off with 5 minutes then move on to 10, 30, 60 […]

The 6 Common Anxiety Disorders are .. ► Obsessive Compulsive Disorder…. This is probably the most well-known anxiety disorder. With OCD, you will have recurring thoughts or images in your head that you find distressing. These can range from a fear of being contaminated to disturbing violent or sexual thoughts. It may also manifest […]