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The 7 steps for getting through a Panic Attack.. During a panic attack you can literally feel like you’re about to die. That’s because not only is one of the classic signs of a panic attack a feeling of doom but physical symptoms like shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea and chest pain can be very […]

The 5 Benefits of Anxiety Counselling.. Today we’re going to be talking about anxiety therapy and the 5 benefits of anxiety counselling. Anxiety therapy is an option for treating anxiety. Counselling for anxiety can be very beneficial indeed in helping you to overcome worries and replace them with things that you find important and valuable. […]

Emergency Bag or Box – (mental health first aid kit) When we are very distressed, it is difficult to think rationally and to decide how to help ourselves. We can therefore resort to using self destructive behaviours which may help at that moment, but can cause other problems later and in the long-term. It can […]

When Anxiety Keeps you Awake Anxiety keeps people awake at night and very often it’s tied in with your not being able to relax because you’re stressed, so what to do when anxiety keeps you awake. Don’t blame yourself for your anxiety, that’s a key point for you to try and remember if you possibly […]

The 5 Character Strengths of People Living with Anxiety If you’re living with anxiety chances are you kinda scoff at the idea of anxiety and character strengths. A particularly nasty effect of anxiety is self-doubt and sometimes self-hatred so having any type of anxiety disorder often over a period of time leads people to very […]

Is Psychological Projection disguising your own low self-esteem? So psychological projection of your low self-esteem onto others prevents you from addressing your own self-esteem issues and problems. You may engage in psychological projection unconsciously because having low self-esteem can be incredibly painful to the person, so much so that you’ll unconsciously find ways to avoid […]

5 Ways to Cope with Anxiety! Anxiety can strike in many forms, incessant worry, panic attacks and fear of social situations to name a few and it affects more people than you may realise. Anxiety is actually part of our natural survival instinct. It triggers the fight-or-flight response which makes us feel worked up and […]

HELPING TURN TEARS TO SMILES,100% OF YOUR FUNDS RAISED GOES ON MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT HERE IN THE NORTH EAST We pride ourselves on offering high-quality, person-centered and outcomes-focused services which give value to the people we serve and are responsive and effective for referral agents. Supporting many people with a wide range of mental health-related […]