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Help With Cravings & Unhealthy Addictions

Written by on November 12, 2019

Today we’ll be looking at a system designed to help with any cravings and/or any unhealthy addictions.

Its the 3 D’s ..

► Delay

► Distract

► Decide

First of all DELAY the decision to give into the cravings for a set time. Start off with 5 minutes then move on to 10, 30, 60 minutes. It will take some discipline but the cravings will pass.

Secondly DISTRACT. Take your mind off the situation by doing something that’ll occupy your thoughts and grab your attention. Maybe resume a hobby that has helped with this in the past or develop a new interest. Perhaps do something physical to use the energy of you craving.

DECIDE. Remind yourself of all of the advantages of not doing it, the disadvantages of doing it, the reasons you want to stop and your overall life goals. It’ll take practice but it’s a system worth using and remembering to break any unwanted habits.

Remember that it’s okay not to be okay! Download the 3 D’d worksheet to help you with your cravings.…

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