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Musicians who have suffered from mental health issues: Ellie Goulding.

Written by on February 21, 2019

This is a slightly different type of blog from the recent ones telling of how musicians suffer from mental health issues as I will be incorporating some of my first-hand accounts of my own problems in it too.

Continuing with the Brit Awards theme today, this post is about Ellie Goulding, who, in 2010, won the Critic’s Choice award the same year as she won the BBC’s Sound Of… poll. Only the second artist to achieve this feat. Four years later she won the Best British Female award.

Goulding, who suffered from anxiety and panic attacks which prevented her from leaving her house found her affliction debilitating, especially as this was happening just as her career was taking off. She goes on to explain how she couldn’t go into her recording studio unless she was lying down in a car with a pillow over her face. Three albums later her anxiety returned but thanks to her receiving cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), she became more adept at controlling her anxiety.

I can empathise with how Goulding felt regarding her anxiety, and her scepticism regarding CBT as, like her, when I had my course of CBT, I had never had any previous therapy either. Also like her, five years later (for me), I still have anxiety attacks where I do not want to leave the house, or see other people. The help I received during my CBT course helped me train my brain into coping with it easier and although the anxiety will always be there I feel grateful for the friend who suggested I had CBT.

In 2017, Goulding admitted that her panic attacks were sparked due to her not feeling confident in herself. It took time for her, but Goulding has accepted that everyone has nerves and can be anxious but now believes in herself more, which results in greater confidence. Again, this is something I can relate to, a LOT! To overcome her anxiety, she told herself that if other people believed in her, she had to start believing in herself. Discovering this about herself was a lightbulb moment for me. If others can see my worth, then surely I must have some good qualities!

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