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Musicians who have suffered from mental health issues. Shuhada’ Davitt (Sinéad O’Connor).

Written by on January 24, 2019

Shuhada’ Davitt, or Sinéad O’Connor as she is more well known as, is a Grammy award winning singer-songwriter who started her musical output in the 80s.

Usually when we hear about musicians mental health problems it is after they have died. With Davitt, it is refreshing, albeit in a meloncholy way, to understand what a person is going through during their life. In 2003, Davitt disclosed that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had attempted suicide four years previous to this admission. (1)

In 2017 she made a passionate call for help via her facebook page, witnessing it and hearing her honesty about suicidal feelings was excruciating. She expressed her pain so passionately you could almost taste it. It showed the reality of mental illness. The wailing, ranting, desperate demon that secretly tortures millions. In his article in the Guardian, Lukach (2017), mentioned how Davitt describes ” the stigma is often worse than the mental illness itself. And while we are now used to thinking of stigma as being a consequence of mental ill-health, research shows that, in the form of prejudice and alienation, it is also a driver of morbidity. In other words, people who feel stigmatised in life are more likely to become ill and die.” (2)

Remember, if you are feeling depressed or suicidal, there is always the Samaritans you can call, on 116123.



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