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Take Control Of Your Emotions & Life

Written by on November 12, 2019

This is a tool for when you’re in a situation feeling anxious or nervous.

You can take a step back, see what’s going on and see how best to proceed.

To begin ..

► STOP physically .. Take a step back and assess the situation within your mind.

► Take a breath, breathe slowly once or twice.

► Observe what’s happening, what are you reacting to and how are you thinking and feeling. What words are your mind saying and what physical sensations are you experiencing. Where is the focus of your attention?

► Pull back and seek perspective. Is this fact or opinion? Try looking at the situation as an outside observer. What would somebody else make of it and is there another way to look at it. What advice would you give another person? What importance and meaning are you attaching to this right now and will it still matter as much in say six months. Is your reaction proportionate and what may the consequences be.

► Practice what works, what might be most helpful, effective or appropriate keeping with any values and principles. What’s best to do for yourself, others and the situation as a whole?

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