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What Is Anxious Minds ?

Written by on November 26, 2019

Welcome to another video here on the Anxious Minds YouTube channel.

We’re going to be covering a slightly different format today and just talk a little bit about the Anxious Minds charity itself and this YouTube channel specifically.

Anxious Minds is a North East based volunteer led Mental Health Charity. If you’re in the North East area you can access the services however if not don’t fret because we want to continue to help and support you through the videos on this YouTube channel.

Thank you very much if you have been one of the people watching the current videos that we have been putting up over the last couple of months and if your one of the subset of those people who have been ‘Clicking Like’ we’re extremely grateful for that because any feedback is really necessary to help us know which direction to take the channel in and what to do with formats for other videos.

What will be most helpful from you is if you could leave some feedback in the comments section.. Let us know what you liked and disliked about the videos? What you may do differently if it were you? What sort of subjects you’d like to see us pursue and offer advice on? Just any general opinions, Good or Bad! it’s going to help us to get better and help us to help you.

We do have future plans over the next couple months to expand into some different formats. Ive already told you a little bit about Anxious Minds and the services available but to put a human face on it we’re going to start a ‘Meet the counsellor’ section which is going to be ‘Short form brief interviews’ with the people who volunteer and staff the Anxious Minds Charity just so you can get to know them a little bit and have an idea of who you may be dealing with if you are in the area and do need help.

What we’re also looking to do is expand the social media presence and really tie the 3 different platforms – The charity itself, the radio station and YouTube page together in one more cohesive package. Currently there is the Facebook and Twitter profile but we’re going to be looking to expand into Instagram, any other relevant forms of social media and have a more consistent update schedule. We feel that by doing this we’re going to be able to engage with the widest audience possible and raise the most awareness for the radio station, the YouTube channel and most importantly the charity itself.

So this is where you get involved! Either by viewer feedback or perhaps if you’re in the northeast area you can come down to Anxious Minds and become part of volunteering and helping us grow the organisation. We always need help with the radio station and it would be nice to see some new faces on the YouTube channel.

We are looking to do a ‘Round The Table Podcast’ format maybe about once a month discussing mental health issues. We can grow the channel, produce more viable content that you want to see and get better together! Thanks for taking part in this journey so far! Helping the view counts, helping the subscriber numbers and ultimately we’re doing this to help you.

Thank you very much for watching, please like, share, subscribe and leave a comment. Don’t forget hit the notification button and remember from all of us here at Anxious Minds that Its ‘Ok Not To BE Ok!’

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